Why I was MIA ? + Life Update

Hey Everyone,

Today in this post, I am going to share why I was in MIA (missing in action) since past two months. But before that, I will like to share that I was kind of introvert +Social Media shy as far as my personal life was concerned in initial few years on YouTube.But Love and support you guys have garnered upon me, Every passing day of my life I love & feel comfortable sharing tidbits of my life with you all.

The year 2015 ha turned out pleasantly eventful for me so far!! Gift wrapped with lovely surprises. Earlier this year in Feb, I gave birth to My daughter-MISKA. Meanwhile Me and Hubby, were just getting used to the changes this New Life was imbued with & Suddenly Our apartment, seemingly good 4BHK started looking small with two growing kids. We decided to shift to New place with some Personal garden space.

Shifting house with New Born was like walking on thin ice. We were planning every day, Hired movers and packers and managed to shift without too much hassle. The only issue we really had was as soon as we moved into our new home, we found out that the gutter needed cleaning! I don’t know how we missed that, luckily we were able to use a company similar to this Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Nashville. I’m just grateful that my husband spotted it, as I really don’t like the idea of dealing with a leaky roof or water damage. Other than that though, the move has gone by pretty smoothly and I’m happy to say that I am all settled into my new space.

My filming room is big and has ample amount of Light.I can’t wait to film too for my Youtube channel.

After shifting in June,we figured out that we had to change our BSNL connection to activate the Internet services.It took another week- ten days. This house is bigger and Wi-Fi was so poor in the beginning. So I resorted for Airtel 4D dongle but got it configured on hubby’s laptop(don’t know why), later it refused to get configured on my laptop.(Really Bad service By Airtel) Whoosh July Gone!!

Huh!! Finally on 6th August Everything was seemingly fine and whoom!! suddenly BSNL internet vanished out of thin air .We kept complaining but for no avail! Finally It got fixed up in third week of August.And I was able to reconnect with you all

But I had great family time this span. When things like this happen, you realize how important family time really is! It encourages you to Try Some Board Games or sit down and watch some TV series together. I did my house and has planted small kitchen garden also.I went for small vacation in Kasol,Himachal pradesh.Will be sharing pics in my Travelogue. Although I missed Internet, it was nice to get away from it for a while!

PS: For some reasons My Instagram could not refresh the feed.I want to share few day moments with u on Insta.Let me know how to fix it!!

?Hooked on this thought ?The only way to Great work is to love What you do.If You have not Found it Keep looking for it,Don’t settle!! -Steve Jobs


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