Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review,Price in India

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Today I have come up with Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review which I received in my May My Envy Box-Tropical Edition.  I got reintroduced to Votre by Envy Box. I once used Votre whitening scrub, sheet masks and face packs but then brand altogether disappeared from major online shopping websites. I was happy to spot toning mist by Votre in My Envy box as I already had good rapport with brand. I received a Votre Purifying and Deep Cleansing Facial mask in June Envy Box. I am using them both consistently in my skincare. So here is the review of this refreshing toning mist .

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review,May My Envy Box - Tropical Edition Review,May My Envy Box

May My Envy Box – Tropical Edition Review,Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Price:50ml for 400 INR (Buy It Here)

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Claims

The Botanical toning mist maintains skin natural pH. This mild and non drying face mist is combination of botanical complexes and flower extracts that provides skin its natural toning while leaving skin refreshed.


Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist is packaged in thick plastic (50ml) white bottle with spray pump . Pump dispenser is kept hygienic and germ free by the transparent cap that covers the bottle top.The spray pump breaks the liquid in fine mist which refreshes skin with tiny droplets of toner . I love my toners in spray packaging as  I can spritz them on my makeup /or just bare face for adding freshness. I usually keep these kind of spray toners handy in my purse/travel bag. Smaller bottles win me over  the bigger siblings especially while traveling.Impressed and happy with functional , user friendly packaging of Votre Botanical Toning Mist.

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Botanical Toning Mist Review

Votre Toning Mist is color less ,watery liquid with mild herbal fragrance which disappears within seconds of application. I spray it on my face as a part of my early morning skincare. With cotton pad,I swipe out all the excess oil and grease that have accumulated on my face during night. It does not dry out my skin rather keeps it hydrated.

On my cleansed face, I spray it twice all over my face( Eyes closed of course) . I pat the mist with fingers onto areas which has open pores . You can spray it on the cotton pad and then dab it all over the face for active skin toning(pore closure) and just swipe on rest of the face to catch dust and grime. Currently I am using this toner many times a day , on top of my everyday makeup also to refresh my complexion. While spraying on makeup, I just hold the bottle little farther and spray only once.


Votre Botanical Toning Mist is 100% vegan water like mist which has mild herbal fragrance. It softens and hydrates skin due to active ingredient aloe vera. It should suit all skin types as it hydrates without making skin oily or greasy. It tones my skin without clogging my pores and is hypoallergenic . Besides Aloe vera it is enriched with goodness of cucumber,licorice,ginger,grapes and ivy. This bottle 50ml lasted me of four weeks of continuos use.It is available in two sizes 50 ml and 100ml.Formula is sans paraben and is derived without petroleum and dyes. On top of all this, Votre Botanical Toning Mist is cruelty free,BUAV & PETA certified. Recommended!!


Have you tried Votre Botanical Toning Mist ? How do you like it?

Which is your current favorite skin toner?

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