Vol 2: Pregnancy Diary

Hi Everyone,

I am mom of two beautiful daughters.My younger daughter has just arrived to us in Mid February this year.As I was Blogging and making videos on beauty till now,I decided to share my pregnancy journey too with my readers.I want  to make these posts more fun oriented yet informative.So to keep things precise yet interactive the format I pulled up is Q/A Kind.I hope you will like going through these little sneak peeks in my life through todays post i.e

Vol 2: Pregnancy Diary

Q:1 What was the first symptom I had indicating I was pregnant?

A:1 I had sudden Nausea and Vomiting.I still remember that day ,I was hopping around in Pinjore gardens,enjoying Mango festival. Initially,We thought at once that too much of mango fragrance and tasting has actually led to this sudden Nausea.

Mango festival Chandigarh

Tasting Ramkela Mango here


Q:2 How I finally knew that I was expecting?

A:2 I did Home pregnancy test and It was positive!!

Day 2

Positive !!


Q:3 Any particular thoughts I fed my mind with?

A:3 I read good Books . I fed my mind with positive thoughts and dwelled on thinking good and better things in life.

BooKs I read(one of them)

Q:4 Which app I used throughout my pregnancy?

A:4 I downloaded Babycentre app I guess next day I knew I am pregnant.It’s a very useful application and you get an opportunity to interact with so many other mommies.

 Thought of Week

♥Create a life which is beautiful inside , Just not look good outside!! Carli Bybel

baby Radha

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I will love to interact with you in any format( let’s say Q/A or anything) that enhances our common, creative,beauty driven

Looking forward to this association my lovely friends!!
Disclaimer: As I am a Doctor Whatever I recommend here is not a part of prescription.Its Normal Makeup and Beauty obsessed Girl’s opinions unless stated otherwise.

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