Soulflower Rose Soap Review

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Well I am going to talk about 100% vegetarian soaps by Soulflower

Soulflower Rose Soap Review

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This post Soulflower Rose Soap Review is about one of my Favorite Soaps Manufactured by the Brand.




Soulflower Rose Soap Review

Soulflower Rose Soap Review

For me bathing has to be an experience. I want my soap case to be dressed and fragrant.

When I came across Soulflower soaps I was really tempted to try them for their Vegetarian Claim.

I bought two of them at different occasions.I was somehow aware of the brand because years back  gifted me the bath salts from the same company.i liked them especially the one with turquoise blue colour.

This time I bought Baby my skin and Rose soap.Both are good but my personal favorite between the two is ROSE.

These soaps are mildly fragrant which is pleasant while you are all geared to kick start your day with refreshing bath.

My skin is very dry so I am on the kind of hunt to shop for the soaps which are non drying.They maintain the moisture balance of my skin .

Though I apply after bath moisturiser but its not like oodling out tonnes of it to get that perfect moisturised skin.

PRICE:250 INR (Buy it here at AMAZON )


1.I liked rosey fragrance .
2 Colour of the ROSE one is  dressy for my bathing room.

I use the entire soap and do not cut it into pieces though recommended on site.
I like the huge size on the contrary.!!!

Soulflower Rose Soap Review


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