Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Soulflower exfoliating soap

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

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Today’s post is SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Soulflower Organic Soaps review

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

Happy New Year readers !! “SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review ” has turned out to be the first post of 2018 on Trystwithvanillagirl.  Somehow 2018 has started with skincare posts on all my social media , which I presume may help me discover better skincare products this year,Amen !!. Day 10 of 2018 , I promise that forthcoming months will be power packed with more Youtube videos, reviews , makeup tutorials, skincare solutions and  top favorite posts.  With best wishes once again, here is the complete review of SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap .

Price: 250 INR for 150g  ( Buy it here or Here )

I bought it for 200 INR . Brand has raised the price and has rebranded this soap with new name “SoulFlower Pink Strawberry Skin,Pink for Skin Bath Soap

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

Brand Claims:

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Organic Soaps India

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Soulflower Soap review

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

My Review

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap is milky pink rectangular soap bar that comes wrapped in a clear plastic wrap. Within the plastic wrap, soap bar is enclosed by paper label that bears all the necessary information about the soap. Packaging is simple and bears descriptive label . Soulflower soaps are fairly big sized (150gm) therefore I will suggest cutting them into equal halves especially if you are considering to use them as face soap. It is easy to cut these soaps with regular kitchen knife given to soft texture of soaps. Chunking the soap facilitates easy grip and reduces the soap wastage due to melting when in contact with water.

Also Soulflower soaps are devoid of artificial hardeners and preservatives , therefore proper storage becomes more pertinent.I hauled Soul flower soaps last year and stored them safe in clear cling films practically without any change in texture or overall quality. I am using Soul flower soaps regularly in my shower for over an year now .I have grown pretty comfortable with the size of Soulflower soaps and don’t really feel the need to chop it in half.

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap is one of the best scented soap among all the brand soaps I have tried so far. ” Pink for Skin” soap has sweet creamy scent of strawberry shake which tantalize your senses subtly without overpowering them. It is creamy pink in color and the texture is smooth to begin with as the oat scrub particles are palpable after subsequent uses. Oat granules are moderately sized,well rounded and offer gentle exfoliation. Soap feels soft and smooth on my wet skin. It lathers up moderately to creamy, soft foam and completely cleanse my skin removing all dirt and grime which feels baby soft post cleansing.
Crushed Strawberries in sweet milk scent is a perfect start to the day but fragrance does not last long on me.
Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Bath Soaps handmade India

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

Soulflower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review, Soulflower India

SoulFlower Pink for Skin Bath Soap Review

It rinse out easily and almost completely with second splash of water. I have very dry body skin which tends to go scaly white by the end of the day especially in winters . I have been using this soap from the onset of Winter 2017 ( around November) and absolutely love the gentle buffing & soft cleansing action with creamy moisturising lather. It does not dry out my skin as such but I need / have to moisturize my skin routine post cleansing given to my intensely dry skin. Unlike harsh soaps it does not excessively dry out my skin or makes it stretchy tight . My skin rather feels soft and squeaky clean as it cleanse without leaving any greasy or sticky residue behind. Soap does not go soggy in the soap dish after use but it  tends to melt if not stored properly ( in contact with water).
Just like all the Soul flower soaps I have found this too extremely gentle on my skin and does not cause any kind of irritation/redness.

Soulflower soaps are 100% vegan , SLS free ,preservative free , halal certified and organic being made of natural herbs,essential and vegetable oils.They are enriched with glycerin derived naturally during saponification which creates a luxurious creamy lather and feels mild on the skin.My skin feels soft, smooth and clean after using Soulflower Pink for Skin Soap.It does not dry out my skin & feels extremely soft during application. Single soap bar lasts really long and I truly love the rich vivid colors and delicious fragrance of Soulflower soaps .

Due to periodic hormonal imbalance , I tend to breakout on my back and along my chin. I was happy to spot that Pink for my Skin managed to strike appropriate oil-water balance .After about of two months of continuous use, it has significantly calm down my skin by removing excess sebum oils. It cleanse without making skin dry or itchy especially during winters. Soul Flower Pink for Skin soap has impressive list of ingredients like fresh strawberries, pink clay, Vitamin E, glycerin, water, fresh cream, cocoa butter, and castor, coconut, olive, rice bran, palm and palm kernel oils.This is one of my favorite Soulflower soaps especially  for the fresh strawberry milk scent, gentle exfoliation and fresh spa like shower experience.

A perfect breakfast for skin – Pink for Skin is  a must try !! Highly recommend !!


Have you tried Soul Flower Pink for Skin Bath Soap? How do you like it ? Any other bath soap or shower product you liked from the brand ? Do share with me in comments below

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