Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

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Today’s Post is Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

 Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

I recently hauled for Soaps and Hair Oils from Soulflower. I have been sharing pictures of my haul on my Instagram @trystwithvanillagirlblog. I am really enjoying using these handmade soaps loaded with benefits of so many natural ingredients. Talking about Charcoal You Smell Good ! , I picked up this soap primarily for its two ingredients – Charcoal and Peppermint. Activated Charcoal is known for its deep cleansing actions whereas peppermint offers best deodorizing action. My husband loves this soap best of all the soul flower soaps for the granular action of charcoal and sweet minty odor.

Price:250 INR for 150 g

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Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

 Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Brand Claims:Our Charcoal You Smell Good Soap has active bamboo charcoal which go deep to draw out body smells, remove blockages that breed bumps, breakouts & acne. Deodorize & dissolve dull, dry skin & surface impurities. If you suffer from dry skin, use charcoal soap to replace harsher cleansers. For adults with mild acne, a charcoal cleanser can help prevent outbreaks. The blend of antibacterial & deodorant essential oils prevent body odor from its very root-toxins & bacteria.


Activated bamboo charcoal-It absorbs bad smells & toxins due to sweat, dirt & dead skin. Bamboo Charcoal removes dead skin cells & excess oil from the top layer of the skin to give smooth, clear, radiant & healthy skin. Its antibacterial help reduce skin infections.

Tea Tree Essential Oil-It has antifungal & antibacterial properties that stop the growth of body odour causing bacteria.

Menthol in Peppermint oil-It cools tired skin, brightens dull skin & helps to control excess oil production which prevents acne & body odour.

Rosemary essential oil-It also is antibacterial & antifungal which inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Turnip juice-It is a natural deodorant & helps prevent body odour.

Benzoin essential oil-It has a strong aroma that depresses body odour & its anti microbial actions kill the body odour causing germs.

Lather up with this bar of soap.Use in the morning to control body odor throughout the day, in armpits, under thighs & all over your body. A stench can really accumulate in the armpit hair, even for men. This is why men have to shave their armpits too. Suitable for all skin types, specially in pigmented & sweat prone areas. You will feel fresh throughout the day by using Charcoal You Smell Good Soap

My Review

 Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review



Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap ! is dual colored rectangular soap bar that comes wrapped in a clear plastic wrap. Within the plastic wrap, soap bar is enclosed by paper label that bears all the necessary information about the soap. Packaging is simple and bears descriptive label . Soulflower soaps are fairly big sized (150gm) therefore I prefer cutting them into equal halves. It is easy to cut these soaps with regular kitchen knife given to soft texture of soaps. Chunking the soap facilitates easy grip in shower and reduces the soap wastage due to melting when in contact with water.
Black half of Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap offers the exfoliating action while the Creamy White half is meant to moisturize.Charcoal You Smell Good Soap has refreshing minty note which is not overpowering rather feels quite elevating especially in summers.Mint scent intensifies during shower but does not last long on my body but skin folds.
Black half of the soap offers moderate buffing action. Exfoliating particles are not well rounded so feel abrasive on softer skin areas like forearms.Whereas Milky White part feels soft and smooth on my wet skin. It lathers moderately and facilitates cleansing while moisturizing skin simultaneously.Soap rinse out easily and almost completely with second splash of water without leaving any soapy or granular residues.Unlike some of charcoal derived shower products, it does not stain my skin or towels black.
I have very dry body skin which tends to go scaly white by the end of the day especially in winters these days.Unlike harsh soaps , Soulflower Charcoal Soap does not excessively dry out my skin or makes it stretchy tight although I need to moisturize my skin post shower. Further, exfoliation of dead skin cells relieve off my winter dryness itch. I have never used this soap on my face as I find the scrub particles slightly rough for my sensitive facial skin. However , I loved using it on my body especially on back and feet & in armpits.( as recommended)
 Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Soulflower soaps are 100% vegan,handmade with organic ingredients.Charcoal You Smell Good Soap ! offers three dimensional skincare of cleansing,exfoliating and moisturizing in one single bar. My skin feels soft, smooth and clean after using this soap.It does not dry out my already dry skin unlike other harsh soaps.This soap is extremely gentle on my skin and does not cause any irritation. Single soap bar lasts really long.Beside this soap contains all the goodness of Charcoal and Turnips.It also has goodness of essential oils like Rosemary,Peppermint ,Tea Tree and Benzoin which are known for their deodorizing properties.

I don’t have bad body odor issue or excessive sweating as such. But regular use of Charcoal You Smell Good makes my armpits smell good whole day. I have also tried it on my freshly waxed armpits – it does not irritate my skin which is one of my pet peeve trying products offering deodorizing action. Exfoliating part rather helps in getting rid of impacted superficial hair roots. However, I don’t use it on my waxed legs or arms because rough charcoal can be slightly abrasive on fresh skin in these areas. I will not recommend using it on facial skin or skin on back with active acne .

I have not used it much on my face although brand claims it to be safe on facial skin. I am more comfortable using liquid face soaps instead of soap bars.Highly recommend !!


Have you tried Charcoal You Smell Good Soap ! by Soulflower? How do you like it?

Any other product you have tried form the brand?

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