Rishikesh Rafting

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I know it is quiet unusual to read a travel blog in the beauty blog but I had strong inclination to travel around and explore.
This is another part of me which exists along with my deep love for makeup and art .

I went to Rishikesh for Rafting, after my friends inspired me with their stories of american river south fork rafting, and I was super thrilled by the exotic Himalayan ranges. Far away from the hectic city schedules I felt so close to my being and everything was so natural and uncomplicated  Rishikesh is a famous holy city of India situated in Uttaranchal(former Uttar pradesh).Rishikesh isalso famous for Laxman Jhula , Temples and Spirituality  Mountains here aboard so many sages and saints who (might be) search fo higher reasons to life

Well , coming back to my adventure I did a 30 km stretch of rafting( longest in rishikesh) and that was from the small place Byassi to Rishikesh itself  . I am watersport savvy so couldn’t resist River Ganga and was in the river for most of the times except  for the seven major rapids ( extreme turbulent river flow patches) I had on my track.As long as I was in the raft I was enjoying but afterward I was so tired.

The camp where I stayed was neat and clean, It had amazing location and River was so pristine over there

Despite applying tonnes of sunscreen both before and after our sport my skin got tanned. My back still has the curves of my swimsuit imprinted tanned. I realised then that  still  I need to work on my sunscreen.I posted it on my fb page as well. Here is the link just in case you want to add your comments https://www.facebook.com/MeVanillaGirl

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