Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

Rediscovered:Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

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I am going to share one of my favorite Champagne Eyeshadow. This is not the new purchase. I bought it while back from Sephora US. It was a part of Holiday Gift Set. I broke the Eyeshadow but managed to save some of it. Since it is nearing its expiry I am  trying to use it up. I was not planning this post either. One of my friend loved the shade as I am wearing it every other day. She really wanted me to share some pictures and thoughts on this.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review

I always loved this Eyeshadow but I was holding back sharing a detailed review on this for two reasons.

1) Lack of good pictures due to broken product.

2) I thought I will get an opportunity to talk about it in UD”s Naked Eyeshadow Palette Review( Coming Soon)

Anyhow I finally ended up bringing this post on blog. Here is your scoop!!



Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review

  • Soft, amazingly velvety texture
  • Rich, dense and decadent color
  • Smooth, uniform pigment distribution and blendability
  • Long-lasting, crease-free wear.

This amazing technology works for every shade and finish. Have you ever had trouble blending a black or purple shade? How about a matte? Every Urban Decay shade goes on silky, blends easily and stays put.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,FOTD,India

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,FOTD

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin as Eyeshadow Single is packaged in Round, Wheel like Metallic Plastic pot with Flip off lid. The Lid has central transparent window across which the shade is visible. Beside this base of the case bears the label with name of Eyeshadow “SIN”. UD Sin eyeshadow is also the part of famous Naked palette.Packaging looks stylish but I have been playing way too much with it, I broke the eyeshadow. It fell on the floor and whole eyeshadow turned into buttery soft crumbled powder. So a word of caution-Handle with care !!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review

Sin is gorgeous champagne eyeshadow with underlying pink hue which I found extremely beautiful for Evening Makeup. Eyeshadow has velvety texture which is buttery soft. It gives intense color pay off and gives Frost finish on my lids . It has shimmer which is fine milled and adds up to the satin sheen finish of eyeshadow.The Eyeshadow is picked up by my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Karma brush( I got with NAKED Palette) with single gentle press.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Review,Swatch,Photos

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin Swatch

The shadow blends really well without getting patchy. There are neither major fall outs nor any crazy chalky  powdery residues in pan.I mostly wear this Eyeshadow with My Urban Decay Primer Potion. SIN lasts almost entire evening ( 7pm to 2 am) on me with minimal fading and practically no creasing.

PRICE:19 $


UD Sin chart

Urban Decay Sin is one of my Favorite shade from the brand. It wears Suede texture ,full bloom color , flawless finish and incredibly long. I got this single eyeshadow as a part of Sephora US Holiday Set. I would have never spent 19$ otherwise on single eyeshadow pot. Rather would have spent 60$ on an Eyeshadow palette with atleast five neutral warm shades of my choice. These Eyeshadows are expensive and are not easily available in India. I highly recommend Urban Decay Eyeshadow SIN as one of the best champagne eyeshadow I ever used

You may love to know that this Eyeshadow can be used both Dry and Wet. Urban Decay has got total 86 shades of these gorgeous eyeshadows. After SIN, Snatch is my best favorite.

UD Sin chat


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