Nivea Lip Care Your Lips BFF

Nivea Lip Care | Your Lips BFF ( Press Release)

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In this post Nivea Lip Care | Your Lips BFF I am introducing you an altogether new way to celebrate your valentine day this year with Nivea #BFFVows

NIVEA, World’s No. 1 skincare brand, launches the #BFFVows campaign under NIVEA’s Lip Best Friends Forever (BFF) communication platform, featuring Brand Ambassador Parineeti Chopra who reminds young girls that the true essence of Valentine’s Day is about celebrating true soul mates and BFFs.

Nivea Lip Care Your Lips BFF

Nivea Lip Care Your Lips BFF( Image courtesy : Nivea India )

People usually associate Valentine’s Day with celebration of love for their boyfriends/ girlfriends. But the true soulmate of every girl is her BFF. A BFF who stands by her no matter what, both in good and bad times. BFFs know those little embarrassing secrets, your quirky habits and still stand by you through thick and thin. It is impossible to imagine life without them. And like most eternal relationships, BFFs should have their unique rules of commitment too.

This Valentine’s Day, NIVEA Lip Care, celebrates the special bond between BFFs by taking vows, the #BFFVows. The “#BFFVows” campaign encourages girls to acknowledge this integral bond and strengthen it by taking vows with and for each other.

Says Sunil Gadgil, Marketing Director, NIVEA India,

“Life of the youth is built around the best friend. But on Valentine’s Day the importance of the Best Friend is forgotten. NIVEA’s #BFFVows campaign is about not forgetting your BFF on Valentine’s & NIVEA Lips’ BFF pack gives a way to acknowledge the role of the BFF.”

The campaign introduces a special edition Valentine’s Pack with 2 variants of Lip Care that symbolize twice the love for all BFFs. The all-time favorite NIVEA Original Care is combined with Fruity Shine best-sellers – Blackberry, Strawberry and Cherry.

Nivea Lip BFF

In 2015, NIVEA India launched its campaign for its range of Lip Care products by positioning it as a Lips’ best friend. A BFF is someone who accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should. Through the BFF platform, NIVEA Lip Care aims to become the trusted and valued best friend of its consumer. A best friend brings out the best in you, and similarly NIVEA Lip Care intends to bring out the best in your lips.

My #bffvows for 2017 is unconditional support and strengthening each other. Share yours!!

Nivea Lip Care Your Lips BFF

Nivea Lip Care Your Lips BFF( Image courtesy : Nivea India )

Press Release

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