Day 25:Nivea Essential Lip Care Review,Price

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Today in this post Nivea Essential Lip Care Review,Price

Nivea Essential Lip Care Review,Price

Nivea Essential Lip Care Review

I am going to review the very original, colorless version of Nivea Lip Balm. I received this as freebie with Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion. I mostly use tinted lip balms for regular lip care but recently I tried Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lip Balm(non tinted) which happen to be my favorite for its extremely nourishing texture.  There was “Balm Calling” and Nivea Essential Lip Care arrived to me.I was excited to try this out after really good experience with Vichy one. So here is review of Nivea Lip Blam

Price:80 INR for 4.8gms

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Nivea Essential Lip Care Review

Nivea Essential Lip Care Review,Price

Nivea Essential Lip Care Review


Nivea Essential Lip Care is packaged in a twist up-bullet lipstick like packaging.Only difference is unlike lipsticks,balm bullet has flat top cut which does not hamper the application of balm. Balm bullet rests in white barrel while the lid is “signature nivea blue” in color. Packaging does not look “straight from pharmacy”boring rather  looks attractive with bright blue lid .Balm bullet is white in color and applies transparent film of balm on lips.

Formula is enriched with precious jojoba oil and natural shea butters. It is extremely moisturizing and salve dry lips by locking in moisture providing long lasting protection against dryness.It glides effortlessly on lips immediately soothing up the rough skin tags.It has balm like texture which  imparts slight balmy vaseline like sheen to lips on application. It does not get absorbed in lips completely rather form a thin film barrier against moisture loss to dry / air conditioned atmosphere. It feels light weight on lips however steer clear from over applying this product. On layering,it looks like whitish cream on lips which tends to accumulate between lips during course of wear.

I mostly use this as my night time lip moisturizer. Primarily because I choose to wear tinted lip balms for day wear . Another reason being “No SPF” in Nivea Essential Lip Care.When applied overnight,It serves as good lip softener as required for lip exfoliation. Being transparent it serves as ideal lipstick base as it hydrates underneath not altering the shade of the lipstick above.


I have been using Nivea Essential Lip Care since past three weeks regularly in my night skincare. Since I am doing FOTD’s with so many different textures of the Lip products, I resorted for an extensive Lip care at night. Regular use of this lip salve has softened up my lips and my lipsticks apply smooth. I just wish it had SPF too. Otherwise packaging and texture of Nivea Essential Lip Care are satisfactory. Recommended for Non Tinted Lip Balm Lovers-looking for superb moisturizing lip care.


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Have you tried Nivea Essential Lip Care? Which formula you prefer more for your lip balm-Tinted or Non tinted?

Any thoughts on Nivea lip balm? Share with me in comments below

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