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My Experience at Aamod Resorts ,Khajjiar Road Dalhousie

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This is a latest development on trystwithvanillagirl i.e me getting active on travel section. For me life is best with few cups of coffee, book to read and travel without destination with my Makeup / Canon EOS/Android. I strongly guarded my travel passion earlier so never actually shared much in travelogue. Last post was, Singapore Travel Diary that I did two years ago.

As I am getting comfortable talking about myself on blog, I thought of sharing my journeys and travel details too. If you follow me on Instagram #trystwithvanillagirlblog I shared some moments of my recent journey to Chamba district. As of today in this post

My Experience at Aamod Resorts,Khajjiar Road Dalhousie

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Himalayan view from Aamod Resorts Deo Tibba Cottage

I am going to share my review on the property. We chose to stay at Aamod after receiving feedback from friends and family. Beside this ,Me and Hubby always prefer staying away from main buzz area of hill towns in India. Our definition of holiday is to relax and rejuvenate our souls by nurturing them with delights of Mother Nature. Aamod Resorts is situated away from the main town area (Optimally distanced) nestled in the Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas,so very well looked our piece of cake. For more on Aamod keep reading further.

My Experience at Aamod Resorts

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Entry view at Aamod Dalhousie


On our arrival we were greeted with welcome drinks served with extreme warmth and humility.But I generally love freshly juiced fruit juices over canned juice that was served to us.Property has both cottages and rooms. Rooms are spacious but we opted for hut to enjoy sylvan himalayan view.Our Cottage name was- DeoTibba. Rooms/Cottages are named after himalayan villages and places.
It took us to climb flight of stairs and small uphill walk to Deo Tibba. I felt my lungs were infused with fresh mountain air with a single walk towards our cottage.Though it was not a very ideal choice with little kids for fear of fall but we managed somehow. You can opt for rooms if you have active toddlers else for couples/grown up kids, cottages are better.

Our Cottage had the double bed plus a single sofa cum bed which we used for my elder daughter. On opening the second bed there was hardly any space left to move around in the room but turned out bliss for us as we used the small space towards washroom to hide away luggage from my one year old baby girl.

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Cottage space

Hut has a small dressing area. Washroom was compact but the space was used well. It had a frosted glass sliding door between the seat and bath area, and a surprisingly comfortable shower space with glass shower doors. There was a 24 hr hot water supply which we were very grateful for.The interiors were done in the rustic way so was the railings of the stair. But I loved the jute kind of woven sheet held against the ceiling which added touch of modernity to our space.

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Cottage Space

We were thoroughly impressed with food quality and variety at Aamod Dalhousie. We did not have good experience at the resort in Kasol we visited last year as far as the food was concerned.

So “Once bitten twice shy” us, ordered simple dal lasooni and mix vegetable in our dinner with plain roti. I was impressed as it almost tasted “homecooked”. It was neither spicy nor bland. Dal was well cooked and was not floating in oil. This really excited our punjabi tummies.My girls enjoyed their meal.

Next day we ordered Himachal Iconic Madri in our dinner. It was off menu. We just checked up with chef in evening and whole staff happily arranged Madri for us. It is himalayan curry cooked in Curd with White Chick Peas.

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,The Colonial Dining Area

Our package included the morning buffet which was tailored for almost all tongues. Fruit salads,South Indian Idli/Wada,Punjabi Parantha, Poori Bhatura ,Cornflakes,Bread/eggs almost each one of us could find breakfast of our heart. I mostly love to go for fruit salads and idli sambar if given these kind of options.

Our Lunch was mostly outside as we were traveling or hopping around at nearest tourist attractions.


Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Himalayan View

We visited Aamod in March. Weather was not chilled but morning and evenings were cooler. I packed two woollens for each one of us. In rooms it was lot less cold. Aamod has laid the beds with electric blankets which warm up your tired muscles and sets you up for cozy sleep.

We were expecting Aamod much wider and larger in area then it actually is. It is not conjusted or small as such but we expected it to be bigger after seeing pictures at Tripadvisor. But It has the backdrop of tall conifers-cedars,spruce and himalayan firs and the front open view of terraced mountain terrains that keep the atmosphere refreshing.
They have a indoor play area(Carrom,Table tennis ,snooker),library and chat space in a big hall named Glade.
Between cottages and the dining area, there is small space where you can indulge in outdoor games like badminton,soft ball.

,Aamod Resorts Dalhousie India,Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Epsom Bar

On to the Dining area-Colonial and Epson Bar- Dining Area has beautifully designed furniture which can host up to 50 patrons at max. It has three doors -Front door gives the gorgeous aisle view of the resort entry. I loved watching kids, gardener and people in general across that door. I always opted for position that offered me the rising road view of the resort. One side door opens up in the Epson Bar which is open dining cum bar area which offers breathtaking view of snow capped himalayas.

Staff is extremely courteous and ready to help. They are extremely polite in their manner and behavior. My One year old behaved like “Dennis” on a “Mission Menace” but I find staff of Dining area & House keeping extremely supportive and accommodating.

Entry and Parking

,Aamod Resorts Dalhousie India,Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts review,Make it Happen,Incredible India

Aamod Resorts,Aamod Resorts Dalhousie India

Aamod is situated on the Dalhousie Khajjiar road in Village Ala. We spotted it easily with reflective hoarding. Once we entered , the road to reception is flanked by deep tall conifers on both sides. Flora and Fauna of Himalayas welcomed us with utmost serenity.Little birds chirping and leaves rustles with cold himalayan breeze. The air smell exotic and sets you in vacation mode. The road then takes the steep ascent and we had to stop and park the car approx 6 feet away from reception.

Other Activities
Aamod provides facility for In room spa. They have professional masseuse from Kerala who are mastered in iconic kerala massage strokes.

Since we were in Dalhousie on Holi and IPL Tournament was going on. Resort management arranged special Holi celebration and Music for all the patrons. We watched India- Bangladesh cricket match on Big Tv screen amidst himalayan range beneath the star studded sky. Far in my vision,snow capped peaks of dhauladars scintillate with moon’s light . While the whole dark ground was twinkling with light emanated by the households in surrounding villages. Mesmerizing!!

Aamod arrange for Nature walks and mountain Biking also. They have good quality bikes and experienced staff to accompany.The cycling trek is roughly for 5km on the kutcha mountain cycling trek.

For making your reservation or enquiries on tariff plans -reservations@aamod.in

For more pictures of my journey – Follow me on Instagram #trystwithvanillagirlblog


Overall we enjoyed our stay at Aamod. Aamod is situated at distance of ~342km from chandigarh. It took us 6hrs 30 minutes to reach at our destination.We were able to reach Aamod -hasslefree & spot on!! Aamod scores best in the cleanliness and food. It is perched on a mountain and the property offers breathtaking view of surrounding himalayas. It is situated at a nice location as the main Gandhi chowk Dalhousie, Panchpulla waterfalls and Khajjiar are just few kilometres away. We enjoyed our vacation. But my only disappointment was lack of adventurous sports. Though they had biking but other activities as mentioned on website were not in operation. We clarified the issue with Resort Manager . As per him there is some issues going on with Forest Conservation Department. Having said that Aamod is an ideal romantic getaway for honeymoon couples looking for R & R.They have decent play area and the resumption of adventurous sports will make it good destination for thrill seekers too. You can visit Aamod Resorts website- Click Here



I hope you find this review helpful in case you are planning to visit Dalhousie.

Have you visited Dalhousie or plan to visit sometime in future?

Which is your favorite hill town in India?

Aamod has properties in Shoghi,Udaipur,Manesar,Nainital,Manali and Alwar. Please do share your experience if you have visited any of their resorts in comments below

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything mentioned here is to best of my knowledge and understanding.All the images in the post belongs to Trystwithvanillagirl Blog. Please don’t use images or content in the post without my permission.

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