Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

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Today’s post is Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

I picked up this body scrub from Papaya Fresh Bali. I just wanted to try  some skincare/bodycare products ” Made in Indonesia”. Beside this I really loved the packaging which is labelled very tastefully reminds me of TBS Body Scrubs. I couldn’t wait checking this out so opened it in Bali itself. I was impressed with creamy non sticky texture with elevating fresh pineapple fragrance. Here is a complete review for you!!

Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

Brand Claims:Mustika Ratu has the slogan “Indonesia Pusaka” where Mustika Ratu as a brand and a product that provides a holistic beauty care, namely inner and outer beauty through the tradition of Indonesia. Where the beauty of the outside is done with care using personal care products and from the inside is to use herbal medicine.”


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

Vanillogy:Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub is packaged in round olive green tub with screw open lid.  I hardly noticed any spillage or leakage as I have been traveling with it across the oceans testing it against all standards of travel safety. It did not  smear other bottles lying in the pouch nor the product disintegrated in liquid /solid layer on prolong storage. Packaging is sturdy, easy to operate and travel safe. Only con in these tub packaging is that they are prone to catch bacteria . I can see the creamy,light green body scrub with tiny green and white granules across the bottle. It looks so serene and magically beautiful in my shower basket for the deep olive green color .


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

Color coded, Olive jar house olive green creamy scrub with uniform dispersion of four different sized exfoliating granules derived from Olives, Sponge Gourd and Walnuts. Sponge Gourd and Walnut shell powder is known for their intense buffing action. It smells of fresh pineapples . I absolutely adore this product for its fruity refreshing fragrance which lasts longer in shower than on me.

Mustika Zaitun ( Hindi name of Olives) Body Scrub is rich creamy scrub ( ideal for dry skin) which spreads easily and exfoliates gently. Basic mixing medium is derived form Cocoa butter which is extremely nourishing for dry flaky skin.It is moderately strong exfoliator. Granules are well rounded and are non abrasive even on most sensitive skin. I massage it all over my body focussing on my knees and elbows the most.  It easily rinses out with water without leaving any residue or granules on me/in my shower sieve.Its worth mentioning here that leafy granules impart ” fresh , just concocted ” feel to the product .I apply it on my slightly dampened skin for uniform application , easy effective exfoliation.


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub Review

I have really dry body skin which tends to go flaky and itchy in winters. Cocoa Butter as base in this body scrub nourishes my skin leaving it silky smooth to touch.Fragrance is yummy ” pineapple ” scent which is subtle,fruity in natural way.

Price: Around 45000 IDR which will amount to 250 INR approx. I am seriously impressed with the quality of the product for that price.


Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Scrub is one of the best body scrub that I have ever tried. It clearly lifts up dead skin cells and skin feels softer,supple and brighter. Olive oil is known to have skin hydrating properties along with its potent anti oxidant action that combats signs of early ageing. It scrubs off dead skin cells without eliminating natural skin oils , so the skin becomes clean and silky soft to touch. The aroma of the product is another score point. It is yummy pineapple, fruity , refreshing scent that does not linger but elevates overall shower experience.

I bought this scrub in Bali because I was keen to pick Indonesian cosmetic products during my travel. I bought this impromptu trusting my instincts. I absolutely loved the product and Now when I am in India  , I miss not picking up the entire shower care range that includes Scrub,Shower Gel and Body butters . There have shower range in Papaya and Coffee also. A must try Indonesian Skincare Range


Which is your current favorite body scrub?

Any chance with Mustika Ratu Body Scrub or  any other Indonesian Skincare Brand?

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    • Hi !! I bought this from Bali, Indonesia. You can check with Mustika ratu website as some of the Indonesian brands do ship products to India.

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