Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

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I have been contemplating on a famous thought “What goes around,comes around”  While I was drafting this post in my mind!! Subconsciously, I am picking up stuff for my everyday use resonating calmness . To name few MUR’s- I  Love Makeup ,Satisfaction-chemistry top  and Peace-massage bar . I would have missed this as routine for one stuff but so many things together has made me to think over this positivity I am surrounded with. As I mentioned earlier, I have taken up higher studies as Life coach so might be I am exploring my subconscious domains too. Alright coming to today’s post i.e

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review,Lush Peace Massage Bar Review India

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

I have used some of the Lush Massage Bars earlier also. Concept of Massage bar was new to me 8 yrs ago. I was in Swindon, Uk and had plenty of time to spend with Lush people. The store used to smell delicious. While walking towards Brunel City centre, I would never miss checking out the store. Ahh!! Miss those days. I have this emotional connection with Lush and hauling Lush products keep reviving those memories.Here is the Peace scoop!!


Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

A culmination of the most peaceful ingredients we can find, Peace massage bar is the perfect recipe to settle your soul. We’ve used our new aeration technique to blend Fair Trade organic cocoa butter from the Peace Community in Colombia with Fair Trade olive oil, creating a light, smooth and luxurious massage on the skin. That lovely lavender-chamomile aroma? It’s a combination of four fragrances from our signature Synesthesia massage at our LUSH Spas: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Calm and Content; traits we could all benefit more from. Go on, give Peace a chance.


Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar Review

Lush Peace Massage Bar is Oval, Creamy white bar with Peace embossed on the bar in an adorable font. I store it in a Lush tin box which I saved from previous Lush shopping. Lush bars come wrapped in a Lush printed, recyclable paper wrap to cut the packaging cost. You can invest in Lush Tin Box for once and can reuse it in future. The tin box is of good quality and is easy to operate. It is handy especially if you store your massage bars in shower caddy.

What is in name Peace?

The cocoa butter in this bar is from the Peace Community in Colombia. This community supports the self-sustaining farmers who are peacefully protesting the civil war unrest in their country.

Why Massage “BAR”?

  1. Liquefying the formula demands the addition of some preservatives which will destroy the very purpose of Fresh handmade skincare.
  2. Liquid Lotions needs t be packaged secure and this will increase the cost of production as well as the pricing of the product.

How I use Peace Massage Bar?

There are many ways of using these massage bars. But over period of time I have realized that they work best when you put them on immediately after shower. You can rub the Massage bar directly on Towel dry skin and then massage the formula all over. But I warm up my hands and then gently rub the massage bar. Natural Oils in formula melts easily with heat of my palms. When I have enough of bar melted, I massage it all over my body.

On Massaging, the formula moisturizes my skin deep without leaving any greasy residue. I can see the oily sheen on my skin but it does not smear on clothes as such. Within 10-15 minutes of application even the sheen disappears leaving my skin soft and fragrant. The fragrance is the most delectable part of this concoction. It exudes Chamomile and Lavender notes. As I am in habit of washing my hands frequently, the moisturisation by Peace survives two proper hand washes of December Winter.

PRICE:13.95 $


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Lush Peace Massage bar has turned out to be my favorite this winter. This is my first ever Chamomile based body lotion. The Chamomile aroma is mysterious, sultry and pulls you in other world. As the bar is made of Natural oils, It does take some time to absorb in my skin. But once absorbed it will not destroy your Favorite PJ’s. The name “Peace” has its essence in the bar as it restores something magical in your soul . I will recommend storing it in Air conditioned room in summers. As I have got it in September somewhere, I store it at room temperature.

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