L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review, Price in India  

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Today I have come  with review of Facial Oil from house of L’Oreal Paris. I have this from quite sometime but it was just lately that I was able to put it to proper use. This oil was my first introduction to facial oils.  I had this deep fear of using it initially for the fear of acne and break outs. I did a good research on how to derive best from these kind of skincare preparations before using it in my regular skincare. So finally I am ready to review this for all of you
In this post today, Along with L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review , I will be sharing science behind facial oils !!
L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

Price: 1550 INR for 30ml ( http://amzn.to/2bFvn0N) . Keep Reading here for more!!

 L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review,Science behind Facial Oils

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

What are Facial oils?

Facial Oils are powerful blend of oils that are power houses of vitamins,minerals and essential fatty acids- Omega 3 and Omega 6. These oils are devoid of waxes which are one of the basic ingredients of creams and actually interfere with active absorption of these micro -nutrients in skin.Essential Fatty Acids helps in replenishing the oil stores which deplete naturally due to age,pollution and sun exposure. Antioxidants check on the damage caused by free radicals that further hasten the ageing process. Omega 3 fatty acids and Anti- oxidants actually synergise revealing youthful radiant skin appearance.
As far as creams and lotions are concerned,wax component in them form the occlusive layer on skin surface which on one hand(Upside) holds the natural moisture of the skin within while on other hand
( Downside) prevents the nourishing oil in cream/lotions to penetrate deeper.It almost goes without quoting that  facial oils suits best to the needs of aging skin.But they are equally good for blemish prone skin. As Iron sharpens iron, Oil dissolves the oily plugs that leads to congestion. Along with that face oils re stabilize the lipid barrier,thereby restoring anti microbial activity on the skin surface.
L’Oreal Paris Claims

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil is a luxurious blend of 3 essential oils: Lavender,  Geranium& Rose.

The skin’s barrier function is strengthened to help protect the skin from becoming dry.Skin is intensely nourished with moisture, looks radiant with a cashmere soft feel. The exquisite formula feels lightweight and non-greasy.
Ultra versatile Oil, 3 drops in the morning for a radiant looking glow. Use on cheekbones to highlight key areas.Use as a nightly massage alone or under your night cream for an extraordinary luxurious ritual. Use on dry zones to leave skin intensely nourished with moisture.


L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil is packaged in clear glass bottle with a white capped dropper. Yellow tinged face oil which is not very thick is visible across the sturdy transparent bottle. The dropper bulb manages to break the oil in small drops efficiently. It also regulated the oil flow while dispensing . I highly appreciate the packaging which is functional and attractive. However other than the name of the product , rest of the labelling was not in English. Honestly, I was little apprehensive to try out oil initially because of not proper information on crimp or bottle. I researched on different websites across the globe before putting this into use. So I would have loved product description in English for Indian consumers. (FYI-There is black capped version of this oil ( available at Amazon ) was launched in US and is a blend of 8 powerful herbal oils.It is lot expensive then the Asian version)

As I said earlier, L’oreal Facial oil is runny oil which has signature fragrance of herbal oils primarily rosemary and chamomile. It is almost clear oil which appears yellow tinged in bottle may be due to bottle color. I use this facial oil in my night time skincare. Usually 2-3 drops are enough for my entire face. I squeeze unto 3 drops of the product and then dot the oil on bony areas of my face. I gently blend it all over my face with gentle massage with more focus on dry,fine lines prone areas. It gets absorbed completely without making my skin greasy to touch but I can appreciate nourished glow on my skin. This after-oil kind of shine disappears gradually as the product gets absorbed in deeper skin layers.

My skin feels lot softer and younger next morning. Intensive nourishment by L’Oreal Paris Extra Ordinary Boosting Facial Oil is visible across layers of makeup.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil Review

Vanilla Tip: Just dot really tiny amount of this oil on bony prominence of your face before you begin with your makeup base. Use it sparingly and it will enhance your strobe game to next level. Also you can consider adding a drop in your day cream or some more in your hair oil for lustrous shine.

As I said in the beginning of this post, It is good for all skin types. It provides deep nourishment to dry skin, plumps up mature skin,illuminates dull skin and enhance active absorption of treatments on Oily skin.


L’Oreal ParIs Extra Ordinary Boosting Facial Oil has brought revolutionary change in my dull dry skin texture.The lightweight oil gets absorbed quickly into the skin, providing a spa like luxurious feeling with its herbal aromas. It leaves the skin silky soft without leaving any greasy residue or a sticky feeling. My skin is energized instantaneously and feels deeply nourished . My Overall skin texture is improved. I was so impressed to see this working on me that I have invested in “Holy Grail” of Facial Oils i.e Clarins Lotus Facial Oil. Apart from Skincare, you can use this in multiple ways – Makeup and Hair care. I just wish that L’oreal Paris should have paid bit more attention on labelling the product properly- in English for Indian Consumers. Highly recommend!!


Have you tried L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Facial Oil ?
Any other Facial Oil You have used or currently using in your skincare?
Does non english labelling on your skincare product scares you ?
Share your thoughts with me in comments below

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