How I do My Home Facial Peel?

Hey everyone,

I was Instagramming this Face pack couple of days ago. I shared it with you guys on my Google plus and Facebook page also.Somehow it is one of the few products that I am never get tired off using.It manages to stay with me always though there are temporary periods of  my ever increasing forgetfullness for my favorites.

But time and again I keep rediscovering this !!
Here in this video I have tried showing you how to apply it? Also I shared few tips and precautions of using peel off masks.

Freeman’s Cucumber Peel off Mask

The most rewarding result of filming this video was that I was able to show you instant brightness it gave to my face.(Atleast I could see that!! )

I hope it will be fun watching this video!! Also if you want to read more about the mask click here As I have already blogged about this mask!!

Love you all..
Wish you all are peeled away from your worries and stresses!!


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