Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review,Price,Buy Online

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Today’s post is Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review,Price,Buy Online. This is my first brush off with Gulnare Skincare . I received this face wash in My Envy Box- May Tropical Box Edition. Gulnare Skincare is the budding skincare brand based in India with its headquarters in Delhi. All their products are hand-made enriched with natural ingredients in small batches. The ingredients of all the products are carefully selected to cater the needs of particular skin types . They have really impressive array of skincare products. I am pretty much keen to explore the range further especially face masks and face scrubs.

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

I have been using Seaflo Face Wash from past three months and I have almost finished my 120ml bottle sample. So here is the complete review for you.

Price:450 INR for 120ml ( Buy It Online)

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Brand Claims:Seaflo Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that hydrates, softens, and invigorates the skin. Cucumber cleanses and refreshes while extracts of wheatgerm, and grape seed oil calm and sooth. Ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. Use daily for skin that looks and feels fresh, smooth, and healthy.

Ingredients:Wheat germ oil, Grape seed oil, Cucumber , Castille soap , Glycerine


Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Gulnare Seaflo Face Cleanser is cucumber-green tinged runny face wash housed in 120ml clear plastic bottle. Face wash bottle has tin lid with no rubber stopper underneath which makes the packaging spillage prone especially while traveling. While poring I smell fragrance typical of vegan soaps with hints of cucumber . Fragrance is very mild and does not linger.

Ingredient list of the face wash is pretty impressive for the dry skin needs. It has glycerine which acts as humectant , wheat germ oil which is source of vitamin E and cucumber extract known for its skin bleaching properties. The soap base of the face wash is 100% vegan has olive oil base.

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Gulnare Seaflo Face Wash Review

Seaflo Face Cleanser cleanse my skin gently and doesn’t rip off natural oils of skin. I usually take coin size of the product and apply it on my dampened skin. It does not lather much but the soapy gel turns to milky soapy texture in contact with water. It does not dry out my skin which looks clean and dirt free after water rinse. It neither irritate my skin or leads to any kind of sensitivity reaction. Oily skin will not enjoy the face wash much for the want of squeaky clean oil free skin. However on my dry skin , it seems to cleanse while maintaining the hydration level of my skin.


Gulnare Seaflo Face Cleanser is vegan hand made cleanser which has natural ingredients. Formula is very gentle while cleansing which is especially good for mature dry skins. It hydrates with glycerine extracts and has Castile soap as base. It is good for regular cleansing but does not offer enough makeup removal. I wish that the brand will improvise on packaging especially for these kind of liquid cleansers in future.


Have you tried Gulnare Seaflo Face Cleanser? How do you like it?

Any other product you have tried or will like to recommend form the brand?

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