Get Naturally Fair Skin with These Home remedies,trystwithvanillagirl,home recipes for fair skin

Get Naturally Fair Skin With These Home Remedies

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Today’s post is  Get Naturally Fair Skin With These Home Remedies

Get Naturally Fair Skin with These Home Remedies,Trystwithvanillagirl,Face masks

Get Naturally Fair Skin with These Home Remedies

One should always be comfortable in their own skin, no matter the colour of it. And while the whole world is busy flaunting their unrealistic beauty standards, there is nothing more beautiful than flaunting your own shade of naturally neat and clear skin.

Through this post I want to encourage each one of us to be the best version of your ownself. Indian skin tend to tan and develop pigmentation due to daily skin exposure. So in this post I have shared 5 home remedies for naturally clear and glowing skin.I strongly feel that rather than the  unrealistic urge to be whitest of all we should instead focus on how to improve our natural skin tone to its healthiest point. High time we should consider changing our definition of ‘fair and lovely’ !!

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Get Naturally Fair Skin With These Home Remedies

Nature’s best lies in our very own kitchen. I have got here five easy recipes for treating tanned,pigmented skin with ingredients easily available at home. Here are 5 home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin.

1.Tomato- Chass Face Mask:
Amongst the many home remedies for fair skin, this face pack is a must. Not only will your skin get fairer day by day, but you will also see the overall texture of your skin improve drastically.

You’ll need 3 tbsp. of tomato juice mixed with 5 tbsp. of buttermilk or chass.Mix both these ingredients together well and soak a cotton ball in the mixture.Apply it evenly to your skin and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.Wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild facewash.Repeat this twice a week and see your skin at its best within a month

2.Mulethi Fairness Mask:

It combines licorice (mulethi) extract and other natural ingredients to bring out the fairness in your skin.

All you need is 5-6 drops of licorice extract, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice, 1 tbsp. of tomato juice, 1 tbsp. of Multani mitti and ½ a grated cucumber.Mix all these ingredients together well and apply a thick layer on your face.Leave it on for half an hour while you continue your chores.Rinse your face with water and a mild facewash like Olay which will restore the pH balance of your skin.Repeat this pack once a week and take another step towards fairer and healthier skin.Even besan has skin lightening properties and you can make a simple besan face pack for fairness with besan and yogurt! This is for days when mulethi and Multani mitti are not available.

3.Orange Peel And Yoghurt Pack:

Oranges are capable of making your skin feel youthful and giving it a healthy glow. Another jewel in your kitchen that corrects unwanted darkness and pigmentation.You’ll need 2 tbsp. of dried and powdered orange peel and 2 tbsp. of yoghurt.Mix these ingredients well together and spread it evenly across your face.Keep it on your face until it dries and then rinse thoroughly with water.Besides making your skin fairer, this pack also helps remove blackheads and dead skin

4.Papaya Face Pack For Fair Skin:

The bleaching properties of papaya help you get that fairer tone you’ve always wanted..For this lovely face pack, you’ll need 2 slices of ripe and mashed papaya and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice.Mix well and apply to your face for half an hour.Rinse your face well with cool water and notice the difference as you get healthier skin within a few weeks of its use

5.Potatoes For Fairness:

Not only are potatoes a great source of vitamin C, they also inhibit the production of melanin and rid your skin of dead skin cells..Take a potato and peel it after washing it thoroughly.Cut it into thick slices and apply these slices and the juice in them all over your skin.After you’ve thoroughly rubbed the pieces on your skin let the juice dry up.Wash your face with cool water and repeat the process at least once a week.Your skin will soon be the best version of itself as the potatoes will help restore your natural fairness to its original glory

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