Favorite Sunscreens 2015,Sunscreen

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

Hey Everyone,

Today in this post Favorite Sunscreens 2015 I am going to share Sunscreens I was using as a part of My Daily Skincare.Sunscreens are crucial part of my Daily Skincare. Using good Sunscreen that gives both UVA and UVB Protection is a must especially in Summers when exposure to Sun is inevitable.Here I will like to add that Skin Darkening rays enter inside our Homes/Atmosphere all the time.So even we stay indoors/or there is no Visible Sun it’s Important to wear Sunscreen.

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

Favorite Sunscreens 2015

1.Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block SPF 70 PA+++ (Buy It Here)

I use this my Face during day before applying my BB Cream mostly for Outdoors. Its really light weight and oil free. Since it is lightly tinted it gives some coverage.This sunscreen I am using since past Four years I guess.Never forget to stock the new one.It has very High SPF plus UVA protection Factor. It is enriched with Carrot seed and avocado extract known for their Skin Lightening Properties.

2.Kaya Skin Clinic Sun Defense For Sensitive Skin SPF 15 (Buy It Here)

This is another Favorite Sunscreen especially because of its Light texture,No Stickiness,No white cast.It is great Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin or skin which is under some skin treatment like Laser or Microdermabrasion.I mostly use it when I am staying indoors on my face and hands.( Read complete Review Here)

3.Lakme Sun Expert Fairness UV Lotion SPF 24 PA ++  (Buy It Here)

It is well textured Sunscreen to suit the needs of Normal to Dry Skin.I apply it on the exposed parts of my Body Mostly back of my Neck,Feet and Arms.It bars off both harmful UVA and UVB Rays.It gets absorbed easily Without leaving any Smell or offensive White cast.

4.Just Herbs Sun’nil Jojoba Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion (Buy It Here)

I love to use Herbal Preparations especially for the products which are to be reapplied throughout the day.Sunscreens are loaded with chemicals. Well !! Something herbal and enriched with goodness of essential oils is a great and Must Grab!! ( Read complete Review Here)

5.Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray (Buy it Here)

I am in Awe of Spray Sunscreens. Its so easy to use them on your back.Other than Fancy Packing,its light texture is great for Frequent reapplications.

6.Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus( Not In Picture)

I bought this a while back when My work required me travelling a lot.Exposure to pollutants generate free radicals which catalyse ageing process and damage skin. It is a great Product For a Urban Women if you travel a lot and Exposed to Pollution often.( Read complete Review Here)

I have embedded a video here on Sunscreen-Get your Facts Right!! From my Youtube Channel.You can watch the video here or head over to Youtube channel for more Videos!!


PS: I am not filming these days because I am very much involved with my Li’l Doll these days who manage to grab every second of Mamma’s attention.Blogging and Making videos is something I love.In My “ME” Time all I could manage is to blog.But I am sure to hit Youtube soon.I am so thankful to all of you for your immense support and inspiration.


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Disclaimer: As I am a Doctor Whatever I recommend here is not a part of prescription.Its Normal Makeup and Beauty obsessed Girl’s opinions unless stated otherwise.

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