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Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul ~ Product Reviews ( Video)

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Today’s post is Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul ~ Product Reviews ( Video)

This post is yet another update post of video I published on my YouTube Channel few weeks ago . In this video I shared skincare goodies I bought from Burst of Happyness. I was keen to try products from this brand especially solid cream deodorant since 2015.In my 30’s now I have developed this sudden tilt towards skincare, body care and makeup which is natural and organic. So this June 2017 , I added Burst of happyness TLC jars in my amazon cart with butterflies in my stomach. I really wanted to like the products which turn out much beyond my expectations.

I have embedded the video in the post for you to watch which you can also watch on my Youtube Channel.I hope you will enjoy watching this video and please like, share ,comment and SUBSCRIBE!!

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Skincare,Trystwithvanillagirl

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul

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Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul

Burst of Happyness Skincare HaulDry skin cleanser,Just like heaven

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Just Like Heaven Facial Cleanser

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Rose Crush deodorant cream

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Rose Crush Natural Deodorant Cream

Although I have shared few important caveats about all the products I hauled still I will be sharing in depth , individual review of all the products on blog shortly.

My Haul

1. Burst of Happyness Facial Cleanser Just Like Heaven for Dry Skin /Price : 450 INR/( Buy It Here)

2. Burst of Happyness Raw and Pure Cocoa Butter/Price : 499 INR/( Buy It Here)

3. Burst of Happyness A Wash to Remember Sugar Scrub and Wash/Price : 670 INR/( Buy It Here)

4. Burst of Happyness Rose Crush Natural Deodorant Cream/Price : 550 INR/( Buy It Here)

5. Burst of Happyness Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang Natural Body Butter/Price : 630 INR/( Buy It Here)

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Body Butter, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang

Burst of Happyness Skincare Haul,Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang Body Butter


How do you like my haul ? Any products among these which you have already tried ? Any other products you loved from the brand – Burst of Happyness ? Do mention  in comments below

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