August 2017 Bling Bag, Boutique Jewellery,Bling Bag India

August 2017 Bling Bag | Look Book & Review ( Video)

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Today’s post is August 2017 Bling Bag | Look Book & Review ( Video)

This is an updated post for a Look Book with August 2017 Bling Bag that I recently shared on my YouTube Channel. I was not well in first week of August when I received my this month’s Bling Bag. So instead a talk through video, I did a Look book where I styled all the jewellery pieces in my Bling Bag. I truly enjoyed filming and designing my look with different pieces for the video- whole experience was creatively fulfilling. In this post I have embedded the video for you to watch which you can also watch on my You tube chanel here. I hope you will enjoy watching the video. Please do like,share,comment and Subscribe to my channel.

August 2017 Bling Bag, Bling Bag India, Gold Tassle Earrings

August 2017 Bling Bag,Gold Tassle Earrings

August 2017 Bling Bag,Tassle Necklace,Trystwithvanillagirl

August 2017 Bling Bag,Tassle Necklace

Price: 1499 INR ( You can Subscribe for your Blingbag here)

For more pictures and my thoughts on this month’s bling, keep reading!!

August 2017 Bling Bag | Look Book & Review ( Video)

August 2017 Bling Bag, Boutique Jewellery,Jewellery subscription

August 2017 Bling Bag

August 2017 Bling Bag, The August rainbow runway Bling Bag,Bling Bag India

August 2017 Bling Bag

August 2017 Bling Bag, Jewellery ,Subscription Bag India

August 2017 Bling Bag

I received my August 2017 Bling Bag – The Rainbow Runway Bag’ on 3rd of August.My three month June- August subscription with Bling Bag ended this month and you get one free bling with three months of Blingbag subscription. I was slightly more excited this month as I was supposed to get one extra bling this month. Foremost, I am always super thrilled by quick & on time delivery of Bling Bag every month. This month’s theme was ‘Rainbow Runway’ so I was expecting lot of drama with colors for this month jewellery.

I really loved the colorful pouch with beautiful watercolor print. As always , all the jewellery pieces were carefully wrapped in clear cellophane pouches with The Bling Bag tag that bears price of that piece. Every bling is further housed in a bright-colored net pouch that looks really attractive.I received three earrings and two neck pieces this month.

All the three set of earrings are drop earrings with different finish. Although I loved all three of them but blue, Crispin ball drop earring won my heart. I really loved the design and way they look on me. I have also received Gold finish tassle earrings which are trendy and perfect for party wear. I was already looking for these kind of gold earrings so was happy to see them in this month’s bling bag. Then there was a pair of medium-sized,midnight blue tassle earrings which I can see myself wearing with many traditional outfits. I loved all the three pairs and you will see me wearing them in my upcoming videos and FOTD posts.

Among two necklaces, I received one big, red tassle pendant piece which looks chic and a much-needed modern jewel for an old soul like me. Another neck piece was this really cute, neck hugging chord with tiny square-cut reflective stone as pendant. My first reaction was that it will not fit my fat neck but it fitted and looked super awesome on me. It reminded me a bit of the hand-finished Necklaces with name a friend of mine got, too. Three months with Bling Bag has added much-needed modernity to my jewellery collection as all these years of my marriage I was collecting traditional jewellery only. Now I just want to stylise them in more possible ways with both my western and traditional outfits. I loved this month’s Bling Bag and enjoyed every single piece I received !!

August 2017 Bling Bag, The Bling Bag Lookbook,Trystwithvanillagirl

August 2017 Bling Bag,Crispin Ball Earings

August 2017 Bling Bag, Jewellery ,August Bling Bag video

August 2017 Bling Bag,Tassle Necklace

August 2017 Bling Bag, Jewellery Subscription Bag India

August 2017 Bling Bag,Necklace



Have you subscribed for Bling Bag for August ? How do you like this month’s jewellery? Any plans for subscribing for Bling Bag in future ? Do share your thoughts with me in comments below

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