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I am Radha and I am the Creator of this Blog.

I am Dr.Radha Abhishek who is happily married to A Software Geek..My husband Abhishek. I was always a makeup junkie and played with my mum’s makeup right from my childhood(secretly though). My only passion while going through hard years of medical studies was makeup. I got exposed to Youtube while I was preparing for my higher studies and the courses were online. For Intermediate relaxation, I used to watch makeup videos on Youtube and that’s when it tickled the nerve in me.

I am a Beauty blogger and vlogger now. My husband is obviously very tech-savvy so he helped me set up my blog, he even used MangoMatter Media to find the best web host and then found a theme I could use that would make my blog look just right. I love my life where my passion has grown to become a big part of my existence as most of you know me as an Indian Beauty Youtuber/Blogger now. My love for makeup and beauty started as a tryst because in my profession we are not left with time enough to dress up or styles given to the role of being a doctor.

My perspective changed about myself and makeup when I went to London. I saw and met females there who were so well educated but carry themselves with elan and style!! I started seeing makeup, beauty, videos and blogging as creative expression . Its not a tryst anymore but thats how it started!! And vanilla is my favorite fragrance.

Here goes the briefing behind the name “TRYSTWITHVANILLAGIRL” Thats how my story goes!!

TRYSTWITHVANILLAGIRL is a passionately written and managed blog about beauty and makeup. I am the author and manager of this blog. I try to bring up Reviews of different makeup and skincare products. I have a Youtube channel which features all sorts of skincare and makeup videos which you can Subscribe here.

My SKIN: is fair to medium complexion,(MAC NC41) but I tend to get tan during summers.

My Hair: is Dark Brown . They are dry and wavy and I keep changing their length every now and then.

My Eyes : are Dark Brown in colour

DISCLAIMER: All the opinions expressed here are mine and I am not influenced by any company or person for my views to be so.

Though I am a Doctor by profession but whatever I recommend here to use is not a part of prescription.It is an honest opinion about the product that I try which may or may not suit you. The products I review are bought by me with my own money if stated otherwise.

COPYRIGHT: All the content published on this blog is mine. Please referain from copying any data from this site.

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