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I am Radha and I am the Creator of this Blog.

I am Dr.Radha Abhishek who is happily married to A Software Geek..My husband Abhishek. I was always a makeup junkie and played with my mum’s makeup right from my childhood(secretly though). My only passion while going through hard years of medical studies was makeup. I got exposed to Youtube while I was preparing for my higher studies and the courses were online. For Intermediate relaxation, I used to watch makeup videos on Youtube and that’s when it tickled the nerve in me. I was hesitant at first due to YouTube being a very competitive platform and very difficult to break out on. However, I had heard about the possibility of buying YouTube subscribers with advice from Tinkapp if my channel wasn’t growing organically. With that in mind, I was ready to start on this YouTube journey!

I am a Beauty blogger and vlogger now. My husband is obviously very tech-savvy so he helped me set up my blog, he even used MangoMatter Media to find the best web host and then found a theme I could use that would make my blog look just right. I love my life where my passion has grown to become a big part of my existence as most of you know me as an Indian Beauty Youtuber/Blogger now. I spend hours recording new content and using software found on sites like Tubeast.com to edit my videos to make them easy to follow and understand. YouTube is definitely proving more of a challenge than blogging. There’s so much more that goes into filming and editing a video than writing a blog post, and building your channel up to success is incredibly difficult with the masses of competition out there. I’ve heard that some grow their channels by purchasing YouTube views at https://buyoutubeviews.com/buy-youtube-views, which can really start to get your YouTube endeavors going; this is definitely something that’s worth looking into. My love for makeup and beauty started as a tryst because in my profession we are not left with time enough to dress up or styles given to the role of being a doctor.

My perspective changed about myself and makeup when I went to London. I saw and met females there who were so well educated but carry themselves with elan and style!! I started seeing makeup, beauty, videos and blogging as creative expression . Its not a tryst anymore but thats how it started!! And vanilla is my favorite fragrance.

Here goes the briefing behind the name “TRYSTWITHVANILLAGIRL” Thats how my story goes!!

TRYSTWITHVANILLAGIRL is a passionately written and managed blog about beauty and makeup. I am the author and manager of this blog. I try to bring up Reviews of different makeup and skincare products. I have a Youtube channel which features all sorts of skincare and makeup videos which you can Subscribe here.

My SKIN: is fair to medium complexion,(MAC NC41) but I tend to get tan during summers.

My Hair: is Dark Brown . They are dry and wavy and I keep changing their length every now and then.

My Eyes : are Dark Brown in colour

DISCLAIMER: All the opinions expressed here are mine and I am not influenced by any company or person for my views to be so.

Though I am a Doctor by profession but whatever I recommend here to use is not a part of prescription.It is an honest opinion about the product that I try which may or may not suit you. The products I review are bought by me with my own money if stated otherwise.

COPYRIGHT: All the content published on this blog is mine. Please referain from copying any data from this site.

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