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Vol 1: Pregnancy Diary- It’s a Baby Girl!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s a little Blog post on the Recent /Most Awaited Development in my Life.Our House grew by two feet with birth of my Dolly princess on February 20,2015.With this post,Now Onwards Every Saturday, I will be sharing moments of my Pregnant life.This will be kind of Retrograde journey- A peep through past /2014 .As of now I am in happiest phase of my Life.In today’s post/Pregnancy Diary I have devised a little Fun Questionnaire

I will be doing more insightful posts under this category every Saturday in future. Being pregnant is like exploring completely new Horizons of your own self. I loved being pregnant. Imagining what My Body is doing-Creating a Baby awestruck me. I hope you will enjoy this ride with me.

I know that there are plenty of other women who have experienced the joys of bringing new life into the world. We all have our own unique journeys with it though, I know of women who have been working in the office, and although they are pleased to be having a baby, they need to look at things like these short-term disability insurance quotes (most employers often provide short-term disability benefits for pregnant employees). I did not have to worry about this, but my journey is different to others, even if at the end of it we are all bringing life into this world.

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Q.1 How much weight You gained during your pregnancy?

A.1 I gained up to 15 kg’s.Yes!! 12 kg weight gain is normal and healthy.Additional 3kgs are attributed to my Husband .He made it sure that I am eating regularly and not skipping meals.

Q.2 Did you wear Makeup on Day you gave birth to your baby?

A.2 Yes.I was wearing

Q.3 What Skincare I took in my hospital bag?

Q.4 Do You Believe in 40 day confinement after giving birth?

A.4 Not hard and fast believer of 40 day confinement .But I preferred taking Rest and let my Body regain energy in best possible way.So stayed indoors most of the time.It has been more than a month already and I am eating all meals.

Q.5 Do You have a weight loss plan?

A.5 Yes.I am inclined to lose weight but slowly and in healthy way.(I will be sharing in future posts)

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I will love to interact with you in any format( let’s say Q/A or anything) that enhances our common, creative,beauty driven relationship.

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Disclaimer: As I am a Doctor Whatever I recommend here is not a part of prescription.Its Normal Makeup and Beauty obsessed Girl’s opinions unless stated otherwise.

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