Hey guys

I got this palette as a gift  from Europe.
Catrice is a common brand there.Eye and cheek palette I have is the one from the SAN FRANCISCO COLLECTION launched by CATRICE.

I was so excited to have catrice in my collection.
Finally decided to film an eye makeup video using the palette for my youtube channel !!

The palette

I used this palette to create the look for my video.

It has six wonderful shades for eyes and two cheek blush shades.

Eye shades(below upwards )
                    (left then right)
1. Coit tower very pretty shade.Perfect to use over lid.
2 SFMOMA again for the lid.
3. ALCATRAZ perfect crease colour
4.TRANSAMERICA pearly white colur for inner corners and highlighting.

These shades can be safely used to do day looks and neutral brown looks.

5. Fisherman wharf : This is my favorite shade in the palette. its very greenish bluish shade. Love it!!
6. LoMBARD STREET : It is again very steel like grey colour .

Cheek Shades
1. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE: It comes out very pretty on cheeks. Pinkinh plumish shade.
2.CABLE CAR: Its entirely new shade orange peachish to make its way to my beauty lab!!

 All the shades have good pigmentation and not very chalky.They have relatively good stay on.

It is supercute and something to die for. Its in a hard box with a flip on kind of loop and a magnetic closure.

I am a proud owner now!!


The look

Products shown in this image used to create look may differ slightly because I refilmed the video for the want of good lighting.
I will soon be uploading video on my youtube channel 
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