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Handmade Soaps are better!!

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I was intrigued by the concept behind handmade soaps. I googled and researched on the topic to quench my curiosity which kept building around the words”Natural” “Organic” “Herbal” and “Handmade”.I have read a lot on these plus I have managed to get some useful inputs from the ladies of my house. My grandmothers used to make soaps at home . So  I have aunts and of course my mom who narrated me stories on hand made soaps at home. Though the preparation part was not quite comprehensive but everybody vouched for the non drying rather moisturizing properties of the old ancestral soaps-Handcrafted!! The only effect missing was the lather!! Good old days are back again and we the youth of present are once again exploring the realms of handmade products.

I am not going in technical details behind the difference in the natural and organic products in this post. May be I will tackle them later but as of now in today’s post i.e

Handmade soaps are better!!

Handmade Soaps, Handmade Soaps India

Photo Courtesy: Khadi Soaps,,Handmade Soaps ,Handmade Soaps India


I am going to share some piece of information on why handmade soaps are angels for your skin.

Handmade soaps are better!!

Handmade Soaps, Handmade Soaps India

Photo Courtesy: Soulflower India,Handmade Soaps, Handmade Soaps India

  1. Handmade soaps have Glycerin which is natural skin emollient and hydro-phillic in nature. It imbibes moisture for, environment and acts as skin softener. During soap manufacturing,Glycerin separates out from the main soap mixture. When Soaps are manufactured at commercial levels,this glycerin is drained out. For moisturizing benefits,separate chemicals are added which replace glycerin in action and harden up the texture of soap.But handmade soaps preserve this glycerin which is loved by human skin for its skin softening properties.
  2. Handmade soaps do not have artificial fragrances. They are rather scented with pure essential oils.When we use handmade soaps scented with essential oils,We benefit our skin from not exposing it too harmful chemicals,We derive results  from the therapeutic properties of essential oil offers.With all the goodness  inside, they still smell wow!!
  3. Handmade soap preserves the natural quotient of the oils.  Because of we get the benefits of  fatty acids ,Oils/butters are enriched with.
  4. Handmade Soaps have touch of human. Human hands add up the care and attention to soap much needed for the awesome shower experience
  5. Personally I have used handmade products from Soulflower,Lush,Khadi and Nyassa. I have very good rapport with almost all the soap variants I have used from these brands so far.I am keen to try Oilcraft Naturals as recently I tried Lavender essential oil from the brand and loved it to the core.


I hope you enjoyed going through this post.

Let me know in comments if this post was useful to you in any way.

Which is your favorite handmade soap?

Any other brands you know which manufacture handmade products!!





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