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10 Monsoon Beauty Tips | Rainy Season Skincare & Haircare ( Video)

Hey Everyone

Today’s post is 10 Monsoon Beauty Tips | Rainy season Skincare & Haircare ( Video)

So much awaited ” South Western Monsoons” have reached my part of the world. Being a child, I always waited for rains – ready with my paper boats , vibrant umbrella and nursery print rain coat especially for school. Monsoons were all fun back then but as a grown up women , I face so many challenges on personal beauty front, as home manager , planning children activities during this particular season. I have learnt many ways to manage and organize life during rainy season including my daily beauty routine.

I recently shared beauty tips to survive through this monsoon season without compromising on your skin,hair and makeup on my Youtube Channel. I have embedded the video in the post below which you can also watch on my channel. Please like,share , comment and Subscribe!!

Monsoon Beauty Tips,10 Monsoon Beauty Tips, Trystwithvanillagirl, FOTD

Monsoon Beauty Tips,Skincare & Haircare during Rainy Season


Let me know in comments below if you find these beauty tips helpful !! Also do share your own beauty hacks for monsoons with me .

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